Moving to Sweden

Moving to a new country is a big deal.

It takes an effort to organize an international relocation and the process raises many questions.

The steps you will need to take depends on your nationality. EU/EEA citizens have a right of residence in Sweden and will find the move rather easy. Non-EU/EEA citizens will need an offer of employment from a Swedish company before arrival.

The main requirement for getting a Swedish visa and work permit is to have a job offer before entering the country. The employer will start the visa application process with the Swedish government on behalf of the international employee before the relocation.

Read more about the application process here: Employed/How-to-apply.html

Information about working and living in Sweden:

The Newbie Guide to Sweden:

Move to Stockholm:

Why should you move to Sweden?

There are many reasons why moving to Sweden is a good idea. We have listed some of them:

  • The Swedish environment encourages personal development
  • Entrepreneurship is a cornerstone of Swedish society – Sweden is the home of companies like iZettle, Skype, Spotify, Oatley.
  • Sweden offers a high standard of life in general 
  • Swedish benefits are the best in the world – High taxes but with visible rewards
  • Affordable healthcare for everyone
  • Free education for almost everyone
  • The right of public access – Which allows everyone to enjoy the stunning Swedish nature
  • Ideal for both winter and summer sports

Here are some good things to know before moving to Sweden: fore-moving-to-sweden/

Lina Sahlberg
Lina Sahlberg
Managing Partner