Swedish Business Culture

What is Swedish business culture? What is it like to work for a Swedish company?

Swedish business culture is known to be quite different compared to many other countries. When doing business with Swedes or working in Sweden there are some basics that are good to know.

Swedish business culture is built on teamwork, respect and honesty. Flat organisations create room for creativity and new ideas to come to life.

Here are some of the most distinctive traits of Swedish business culture:

  • Labour and employment protection frameworks are fundamental
  • The Swedish workplace culture is based on a mix of teamwork and individual responsibility
  • There are no strict hierarchy, organisations are generally flat with short reporting structures
  • Decisions are generally based on consensus, group discussions are common creating a short chain of command
  • Individual responsibility is key, Swedes are usually reluctant to micro management, each team member takes responsibility for their individual tasks
  • Rewarding work environment, you will do a better job and feel more motivated if you are being valued as an individual
  • A good balance between work and private life is important – happy, healthy employees are the most productive
  • Gender equality is important
  • The Swedish workplace culture is built on trust and honesty
  • Innovation driven climate, Sweden is one of the most innovative countries in the world, Swedish companies are usually early adopters of new technology
  • Relaxed atmosphere, titles like ‘Mrs’ or ‘Dr’ are things of the past – Quality and safety are highly valued

Lina Sahlberg
Lina Sahlberg
Managing Partner